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Do you spend countless hours lusting over brands that don’t ship to India? Waiting for a trip abroad just to shop your favorite pair of sneakers at Vans  can be understandably frustrating. Worry no more!

I recently felt delighted to discover Jabong ‘s  assorted collection of brands. RiverIsland, Dorothy Perkins, Vans and Keds are among enormous collection of  brands that Jabong stocks.

What I was most impressed with, was that they delivered my shopping bag within 12 hrs. Like, literally! I bought a Dorothy Perkins sling bag at 10:30 pm and it was delivered exactly at 10:14 am the next morning. (Talk about hassle-free shopping from your couch!)

Word of Advice: You might wanna be quick at deciding whether you wanna buy something or not. Since originally, I wanted to buy a Pieces bag and almost spent half an hour browsing through other products and comparing. Next I know… whoosh, it’s gone. Sold out. Broke my heart a little, until I found this black and white totally-awesome Dorothy Perkins sling.



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