TRESemmé Split Remedy Review

With ever rising temperature, hair care has just made it to the top of my priority list. Besides taking care of my hair the conventional preventive ways;like
1. Keep your head covered to avoid damage by UV rays when stepping out in sun.
2. Don’t let them loose when stepping out to prevent pollution from damaging it.
3. Don’t over-brush, especially wet hair.
4. Eat healthy.
5. Trim your hair regularly.

TRESemmé Split Remedy

While the above are known methods, I recently tried TRESemmé Split Remedy in my tryst to make extra effort to keep my hair healthy. TRESemmé claims to reduce split ends in just 3 washes. Strong fruity fragrance that lingers on for rest of the day definitely makes for after-hair-wash delight (provided you like fruity smells). TRESemmé Split Remedy leaves your hair soft and manageable and yet a made my wavy hair more frizzy at the same time. I did not find any visible difference in split ends.


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