Delhi Duty Free Shop, recently, organised an event Fragrance 101 “Scents and Sensibilities” which invited bloggers for an interactive session with celebrated writer and food columnist Vir Sanghvi (I love his column in Brunch, too!) at IKandy, Pullman Hotel, Gurgaon. And guess what, after a mere session of 45 minutes with Vir Sanghvi I emerged so educated and informed about fragrances (I always considered myself somewhat naïve when it came to perfumes but I just realized I knew absolutely nothing about it prior to the session). Not only did he walk us through history of perfumes and olfactory delights like Chanel No.5, but also busted 5 myths we all had about fragrances:

1. Fragrance is fashion. Wrong! It is an art and a rather influential one. A fragrance has dexterity to stimulate senses and create emotions. Remember the mesmerizing fragrance in the lobby of that five-star hotel you stayed in last vacation. And, that bakery that always smells of fresh-baked goods, even when there is no real baking happening in the vicinity.
2. Designers make their own fragrances. (This ones a shocker!) All designer and brand fragrances are manufactured by 5-10 perfumers of the world and then sold to these brands. Yes, that means Mademoiselle Coco Chanel never really made her famous fragrance Chanel No. 5 herself. A perfumer conjured few chemical formulas for her and sample No. 5 got selected. Thus, the name .
3. One who doesn’t use perfume, doesn’t wear fragrance. Fragrances are much more that just perfumes. And, everyone wears fragrance, knowingly or unknowingly. Vir Sanghvi just pinned the bubble for people who thought that they were not fragrance-users with that statement. Scroll through your toiletries and you will realize that you have been using scented shampoo, body lotion or some other product that makes up as your fragrance. (Just like I am not a conscious perfume user but I am so hooked on my Victoria’s Secret Strawberries and Champagne Hand Cream for its alluring scent.)
4. Men use perfumes to get laid. False. Men generally use perfumes to invoke a sense of cleanliness and freshness. Since. men usually tend to relate cleanliness with fresh laundry, perfume-makers exploit molecules used in detergent to achieve such smell for men fragrances. ( Men!!!)
5. Women wear perfumes for men. That’s just something men like to believe just to flatter themselves. Women use fragrances to gloat in front for other women.

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Fortunately along with these jaw-dropping facts, Vir Sanghvi gave us three quick tips on how to select perfect perfume for ourselves. Here’s the cheat sheet:
1. Don’t go by designers name. Go back to fact number 2 above.
2. Don’t buy it because it comes in a cute bottle. (Please, you just bought Marc Jacobs Daisy for its pretty bottle!) Reality Check: Actual perfume costs only 8% of the total price you pay. So, mostly you are paying for packaging, marketing and branding.
3. Try perfume on your skin instead of paper. Let the scent reveal its top note in first 10-15 minutes and then its middle and base notes.(Kill some time. Check out other stuff that Delhi Duty Free Shop stocks.) If you still like it after an hour or so, buy it.

P.S: Thank You Blogmint for the invite and Delhi Duty Free Shop for such an informative and interactive promotional event.


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