While we continue to live in the world where people desperately root for happy love-filled ending, even for ogres (Remember Shrek??!! Now that I have said it out loud it sounds all the more ridiculous and insane.) Valentine’s Day is yet another attempt at satisfying our fetish for happy endings. It is not that I don’t believe in love, but it is just that I haven’t really come across a comprehensible understanding of the concept of love and I am pretty sure that you haven’t too.

Though I don’t really celebrate this festival of love, my liking for the day is attributed to:
1. Special cupcakes. YUM!!
2. Cool discounts on dresses.
3. Decorated malls.

For all the singles, who find it depressing to be around the love-struck people on Valentine’s Day, I’m willing to share my valentine’s day fixes (I promise they are simple unlike most).
1. Stay the hell away from idiot box’s endlessly reeling love stories, instead watch a reality show.
2. Gang up on the cupids with your single girlfriends. (Stock loads of ice-creams, you know, just in case.)
3. Work your ass off and earn overtime. And spend every bit of it on buying pretty things at slashed prices due to valentine’s day discounts.
4. Or, just celebrate the way everyone celebrates Christmas even if they are not christian. Drink some wine. And,then some more.
5. Lastly, just ask that guy/girl out. Yes, the one you have eyed since whenever. Remember people don’t bite!

I am going with the third. Earn and Spend. Here’s what on my list:

Valentine's day Spurlge

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