Just like ice-creams taste splendid in winters, white looks way more tranquil in winters. White is explicitly amicable with the mist and snow that is consistent at this time of the year, for obvious reasons. With more that fifty shades of white (like cream, snow-white, star white and off-white), one can never go overboard with whites. Isabel Marant coached masses on how to mix shades of white for a head-to-toe white look. (I swear to god, that outfit was more than perfect). Stand unrivaled by ditching your conventional little black party dress for a serene white dress with metallic spots. Or try my personal favorite, white with dash of contrasting color. Got your doubts? Go check Fendi.

Snow Whites on Runway

Here are 5 whites no one ever got wrong:

Winter Whites


Forever New White Dress: I bet this is the one Cinderella                                                                         wore to the Prince’s ball (probably, with longer length).                                                                                                            Sweet, huh?!


Zara Leather Moto Jacket: A biker jacket couldn’t get                                                                                           more cooler.


H M Faux Fur Jacket: This ones a real smart pick. Why?!!                                                                                     In case you missed, look again at the cozy Marc Jacob                                                                                                                fur coat above.


Mango Pants: A pair of white trousers is cross between                                                                           formal and casual trousers. Totally indispensable.


ALDO Sneaker Wedges: These babies have been in                                                                                               trend for all year round. One more just got added to the                                                                                                             list.

Frost Yourself!



8 thoughts on “WHITE FROSTINGS

  1. White looks so elegant. I loved all the white stuff you posted here, especially the jacket. I also believe the little white dress is a good replacement for the LBD if you’re feeling a bit experimental and classy at the same time.

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