Though, my profound love for winters is evident through my facebook posts cherishing every day of winter, and more so because it equips me with perfect excuse for trading sneakers for heels. (Its too cold to wear heels. I don’t wanna have toe frostbite. So happy, winters are here.)

But, fashionistas have found their way out of the boots by breaking the universal fashion rule and pulling their socks up. I guess, where there is will there is way after-all. Undoubtedly, Anna Sui, Dries Van Noten and No.21 are too be blamed (my excuses will be redundant now *sob story*).

Sock and the City

How-to do it? Well….fortunately or unfortunately there is more than one way:

Matchy Match: Match you heels and socks like couples match their tees. Monochromatic palette makes this blissful trend pretty subtle so no will be screaming their guts out when they see you walking in socks and heels at the same time.

Sock and the City

In Contrast: Since, few chicas are already getting too comfortable in their heels, they are not refraining from soliciting much attention with contrasting socks and heels. Have a look .

Sock and The City

Printerly: Printed socks have finally found a way out in the sunlight (without making their owners burn with fashion guilt).  

Sock and the City

Bring The Bling: These blingy embellished socks are officially one of the pretty things of the year.

Sold. I so trying these on.

Sock and the city

Try these easy-peasy combinations for a start.

Sock and the city

Get the look:


8 thoughts on “SOCKS AND THE CITY

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  5. Great post. Your examples are so cute!! I’m loving the blue wedge sneakers (w/ coordinating socks) and those white jeweled socks (w/ strappy heels). 🙂

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