Believe it or not, but skirts are so hot this winters. Full circular skirts, ankle length skirts or midi skirts, basically any kind of skirt that nips in your waist and brings in grandeur of 1945’s New Look to you will suffice your chic status. Though skirts are rather bold style statement for winters (atleast if you ask me), don’t shy away from making it even bolder with flashy hues or prints. I know that the mist outside the window clouds your willingness to swirl in a skirt in freezing weather, allow Micheal Kors to preach you a lesson on how to combine sweater and midi-skirt. Plus, there’s always a pretty coat for every outfit.

Skirting the Issue
(I love Raf Simons for bringing back Dior’s tiny waist silhouettes.)
Not into the whole vintage pretty thingy? Here’s how you can subtle down the whole trend:Skirting the Issue

Get the look, try on of these:

Forever 21 Sweater

Zara Coat

Zara Mermaid Skirt

Zara Ankle Boots

Forever 21 Beanie

Forever 21 Bow Belt

P.S: In case, your city is already snowing, chose leather ones.


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