End of Season Sales are Christmas for shoppers. Most of us end up overspending, a sin we are all guilty of. How many times has it happened that you end up buying useless stuff in lieu of cheap prices? That smirk on your face says ALMOST EVER TIME ( me too). Nightmare. I know.
To turn this around and to save myself from after sales-shopping guilt, I have put together a sales-shopping guide. Tried it. Did wonders for me. It is based on two elementary rules of shopping:
1. Basic clothing items are always good buys.
2. Do not buy anything that won’t be in trend when you wear it.

Here’s Smart Shoppers guide for Summer 13 end of season sale:
What to buy on Sale?

1. Little Black Dress
No one can ever have too many little black dresses (see #rule                                                                             no.1). When you see a LBD on sale and you like it, it is always worth it.                                                                            ( For some strange reason Black always works.) Mango had great collection,                                                             so I decided to picked this ornamental brocade dress for dressier occasions                                                           to come (have loads of them lined up).

2. Army pants
This is one of the fall trend that you can buy and wear right now ( read here).                                                      And, it is no news that Army pants are comfortable and trendy at the same                                                      time. I got mine, you should get yours.

3. Platform Shoes
I wanted to buy them since last Fall13 Prada show (see here). This golden                                                             babies look gorgeous on everything.

4. Barrel Bag
Barrel bags are wardrobe essentials.Saw it. Got it. One doesn’t leave a cute                                                       little stag buckle.

5. Ear-Cuff
Punk made huge comeback with Fall13 runway. Stud ear-cuff is just perfect                                               amount of punk to add, in case you don’t see yourself embracing the trend                                                        with full enthusiasm. I am already getting compliments for this smart buy.                                                     (Gee!! So happy.)
Go ahead. Try these. Or put together your own wise sale-picks list.

Stay strong and shop well!!


22 thoughts on “WHAT TO BUY ON SALE

  1. Check out what is trending this coming fall and winter, you may be lucky to find spring trends on sale that is also trending next season:)
    I don’t worry too much about what is a trend and not though, if it looks good I’ll buy it but I have to admit I often buy clothes on sale that I would not have picked if the price was higher.
    It’s been a blessing sometimes but sometimes not:)

  2. That dress is to die for! Let’s hope it’s still available next week (new month, new money 😉 )
    And I totally loved the whole line of bags Accessorize did with the stag details, there was a shoulder bag with a bigger stag head on it, I so regret not buying it…


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