To wear Bikini, or Monokini? Now, that is the question. Temperature isn’t cooling off  anytime soon and everyone is either preparing to hit a beach or camp on poolside. And, hence the question. Mainly because, swimwear reflects personal preferences that are individual’s translation of functionality and sex appeal .

So, here are season’s hottest swimwear trends you need to know for major face-off between bikini and monokini:

1. Peek- a- Boo: Cutaway monokinis intensifies one’s sex appeal by tonnes. Got a curvaceous bod. Great! Time to flaunt it dolls.

Swimwear trend: Peek-a-Boo

2. Graphical Speaking:  Accentuate and sizzle are the two words that explain everything about it.  Pick one that emphasizes right according to your body type. V-shaped can turn up the heat with illusive VS one-piece (below) by accentuating hips to look more fuller. Pear-shaped can plays well, too.

Swimwear Trends: Graphical Speaking

3.  Back to basic: Play safe, go black. It is a complete no-brainer. Tan sunglasses and flats is all you need to complete the look.

Black Is Black

4.  Strings Attached: This is tricky one. You may want to burn all extra calories, if you want to pull this off right.  Ace the look with this neon color strings bikini.

Swimwear trend: Strings Attached

And, here a list off few things that can’t be missed: large-brim hat,  sunscreen, sunglasses and a flowy beach dress.

Let the showdown begin!

[ Note: Image source- www.victoriassecret.com]


6 thoughts on “SWIMWEAR TRENDS 2013

  1. Now your post made me smile, mainly because in France monokini means topless!! So bikini or monokini, the question is only to wear or not your top!! lol
    Anyway, love the swim suits, and no, I’m not that French, and wear bikinis!!
    Have a great weekend

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