Every girl conjures up a dream from her favorite fairy tale. Sometimes it is to find her prince charming and sometimes it to defeat the evil witch (or bitch, whatever suits the situation) and life happily ever after. Eh!Too far-fetched?

Even if you are not a huge fan of fairy tales, you got to admit you were always fascinated by their makeover clothes. Right!

Remember, Cinderella’s Glass Slipper? Time to try on one.

Flaunt your pretty feet in clear glass sandals or feel some magic with transparent block heels.

Cinderella Dreams

Get the look, try one of these:

Stella mccartney Sandals

Gianvito Rossi Pumps

Nasty Gal Sandals

Steve Madden Flats

As seen on:

Michael Kors


10 thoughts on “CINDERELLA DREAMS

  1. My favorite character was Belle from beauty and the beast, but I wouldn’t mind being Cinderella for a day if I could wear those beautiful Valentino shoes with diamond pyramids on the heels!

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  3. Never mind being a princess I have some clear jelly glitter sandles waiting for me for summer, hell yes! Who needs to grow up? I always did prefer peter pan 😉 xx

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