Sarah Jessica Parker, Met Gala, 2013, choas, punk

Sarah Jessica Parker At Met Gala, 2013.

With year’s most sought-after fashion exhibition “Punk: Chaos to Couture” providing theme for Met Ball’s star-studded night this year, Punks are resurfacing with absolutely cannot-be-missed trend. Vivienne Westwood, 71 and still holding punk flag, is unrivaled preacher of Punk ideology.

Considering that punk fashion is having a moment globally, my question is will India accept this resurrected fashion subculture or will we adapt it to suit our own revolt against prevailing corruption and injustice? (Was that too rhetorical?) I’m not just concerned with spiked and studded shoes and jackets but more radical clothing accompanied with punk ideology.

India is a country with overrated social-acceptance norms in conformity with rules of hypocrisy. We know this because we let rapists walk free and run our much-celebrated democracy (where people are not allowed to organize peaceful demonstrations, a method preached and taught by father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Guess it is just a way government pays respect).   Do you think we would display same respect and liberal-attitude towards a garbage-bag clad punk endorsing anti-homophobia? My guess: NO.

We as Indians are firm believers of monarchy of present and are averse to change (reason why we continue to live with vulgar corruption).  We can discuss rapes, stamp women-forced-into-prostitution sluts and ban pornography but considering castration for rapist would stoop and stomp our virtually high morality. Thus, it seems totally illogical to talk about accepting a subculture that supports and advocates freedom of expression (not in you-will-be-arrested- for- your- facebook- status- kind- of- way that Indian democracy supports), anti-sexism (shit is wrote s-word!!!), anti-capitalism and  individualism.

Let us shine theoretically and accept with our well-acknowledged hypocrite self that,“PERVERTS ARE OK, BUT PUNKS ARE OUTRAGEOUS”.

That’s the way we roll.



  1. Honestly I think that any political system is corrupted, that’s in the nature of the whole thing. Just some countries may be better organised or a little more social than others – but to me the perfect political system or state/condition doesn’t exist. Very interesting what you tell us. I remember reading novels by Arundathi Roy – and kind of got the same vibe about the Indian culture – with a lot of pain, suffering and double- standard behind a shiny curtain.
    …but then again I would just simply love to travel to your country and make a picture myself – a medaillion always has two sides…and I am sure that India holds cultural treasures that Europeans for example never dreamt of….:D

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