Too many F words in one line is what happens when fast food junkies meet fashion junkies. Trend first saw broad day light when designer Ashish presented his Spring-Summer 14 collection at London fashion week, where he amalgamated his love for sequins and Coco Cola. His collection was inspired from daily objects found in local shops. Sequinned coco cola red t-shirt with ripped boyfriend is definitely coolest way to beat the heat this summer.Style Junkie

Found these cool coke t-shirt:

Jeremy Scott took this to another level with Moschino new Fall-Winter 14 ready-to-wear collection.  Budweiser, Frito-Lay and Mc Donalds made their debut as high-fashion prints.  And instantly became every celebs favorite. Who’s lovin’ it? Miley Cyrus has been tweeting selfies with Moschino french fries iphone case. Two, Rita Ora has stunned her fans on several occasions in the outfit from this junk food collection. And, my favorite, Anna Della Russo strutted streets during Fall-Winter 14 fashion week in knitted M-bearing dress. (All I can say #epicstyle)Style JunkieLook at those cute happy meal and soda glass bags.

Zara, Topshop, Forever21 and Asos have quite a variety of  fast food to chose. Which fast food merchandise would you be wearing.


Just read an article listing Holi, Indian festival played with colors, as one of the weirdest and wackiest festivals in the world. Its like people not finding a painting articulate enough because they don’t understand painters emotions.
Holi is a festivals which allows people to paint the town (along with its people) colorful. Necessarily played with colors (water is optional).

Some Yellow.                      Yellow

Some Orange


Some Blue
Some Purple


Some Grey


Splash them over people.
And some more.
Till everything becomes extraordinarily colorful and artsy.Colorful
See why Indians love it! Holi literally brings out every color of life.Colorful

These images of Holi from various parts of India capture with excellence the rhapsody of colors.

[Image Via Pinterest]


Bold and loud seems to be the theme of this season. Tops are cropped. Skirts  are longer. And, lips are orangey.

From neon orange (already seen at Rag N Bone) to coral orange (check Creatures of the Wind), citrus oranges are replacing reds. Any kind of orange lipcolor you pick, from bright to matte, is bound to enliven your pretty face.

Orange Kiss

Warm colored, cool colored, hardly matters! Tangerine shades work for all skintones. Do the TangoHow to get the perfect citrus pout? Here are the two best finds for coloring:


Though it is no news that women all over this planet are obsessed with the color pink. This obsession is set to thrive next fall in the form of pink coats.

Watch out for subtle tints of pinks, mostly any hue from dusty pink to shades of salmon.

Looks like Pinkaholics are in for a real treat.


Recently added to our fashion dictionary is word:

Shoepant (sho̅o̅pănt)

a covering for each leg from thigh to foot, typically made of leather, having a sturdy sole and reaching above the ankle.

Recently spotted at an array of Fall-14 runways, including that of peers like Just Cavalli and Fendi. Its been already flaunted by Leandre Medine of Man Repeller [see here].

Fashion apostles are likely to explore its utility next winter (since we are already waving goodbye to the present one) to reckon up the style quotient of a dress or to facilitate wear-ability of their favorite skirt or pair of shorts without turning themselves into ice statue.

Item to know: ShoePants



While we continue to live in the world where people desperately root for happy love-filled ending, even for ogres (Remember Shrek??!! Now that I have said it out loud it sounds all the more ridiculous and insane.) Valentine’s Day is yet another attempt at satisfying our fetish for happy endings. It is not that I don’t believe in love, but it is just that I haven’t really come across a comprehensible understanding of the concept of love and I am pretty sure that you haven’t too.

Though I don’t really celebrate this festival of love, my liking for the day is attributed to:
1. Special cupcakes. YUM!!
2. Cool discounts on dresses.
3. Decorated malls.

For all the singles, who find it depressing to be around the love-struck people on Valentine’s Day, I’m willing to share my valentine’s day fixes (I promise they are simple unlike most).
1. Stay the hell away from idiot box’s endlessly reeling love stories, instead watch a reality show.
2. Gang up on the cupids with your single girlfriends. (Stock loads of ice-creams, you know, just in case.)
3. Work your ass off and earn overtime. And spend every bit of it on buying pretty things at slashed prices due to valentine’s day discounts.
4. Or, just celebrate the way everyone celebrates Christmas even if they are not christian. Drink some wine. And,then some more.
5. Lastly, just ask that guy/girl out. Yes, the one you have eyed since whenever. Remember people don’t bite!

I am going with the third. Earn and Spend. Here’s what on my list:

Valentine's day Spurlge